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Firm Pillow Top Flip-Free Perfect Sleeper

Firm Pillow Top Flip-Free Perfect Sleeper

Spring Unit: need to do

  • MiraCoil Spring Unit.
  • Higher concentration steel in the centre third of the unit – 70% of the human body weight is concentrated between the shoulders and the knees
  • Continuous coil technology – More support as the entire unit is used as the weight increases
  • Studier unit with added longevity
  • Tempered Spring Unit
  • Stable, more supportive and durable

Edge Support:

  • Spring extended to the very end of the unit
  • Along the seating edge to prevent border breakdown
  • Added support along the edge preventing that “rolling off” feeling


  • High density foam, provides firm yet comfortable sleep surface
  • Super soft foam for improved comfort levels


  • Imported Belgium Knit fabric
  • Prevents and resists infestation by fungi and harmful bacteria
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