Do You Need a Mattress Topper?

If you’re thinking about buying a mattress topper, think about why you want the extra cushion for your current mattress. There are a couple of reasons people typically purchase a mattress topper: their current mattress either feels too firm or it feels too soft and not supportive enough. Either way, the need for a mattress topper likely stems from the fact that it’s time for a new mattress altogether!

Determine what’s bothering you about your current mattress.

Before you buy a mattress topper, give some thought to what specifically bothers you about your current mattress. Is it too soft or too firm? Are there places where the foam or springs are degraded and worn down?

If so, your mattress is either not suited to your comfort preferences or it’s old and needs to be replaced. If your current mattress is more than eight to ten years old, you should definitely consider an upgrade.

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Decide what you want in a new mattress.

Buying a new mattress is a big deal. The hardest part is often determining what you do and don’t want in a mattress. Serta’s online mattress selector will walk you through a simple, seven-step questionnaire to help you narrow down your selection.

If you’ve never tried a memory foam or hybrid mattress, this is a good time to check into the benefits of foam. By the way, a memory foam mattress topper doesn’t offer you all the benefits of a memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress is designed to give you the right level of cushioning and support along the length of your body, and it’s made to absorb shock, which limits the amount of movement you feel from a bed parter. Our advanced foam mattresses even offer temperature regulation technology and increased pressure point relief.

Invest in a mattress that will last.

There are many good reasons to invest in a mattress that’s suited to your comfort preferences. The primary reason is that you’ll get better sleep on a mattress that functions optimally given your sleeping position and your body’s individual needs.

In addition to your preferences, think about the future. In the next decade, will you move into a new house, have children or start living with someone who will share your mattress? Of course you won’t know all the answers to these questions now, but in some cases you can foresee life changes that will affect your mattress decision.

The bottom line is, a mattress topper won’t solve your mattress problems in the long run. Find the mattress that’s right for you — it will ultimately help you sleep and feel better.