Is it really a discount??

Yes it is!! Serta does not spend loads of money advertising and uses a lot of its budget to subside limited specials through its channels. A huge portion of our sales comes from word of mouth and we have established that once a person sleeps on our product they often talk about it which results in an increased demand for our products.

That is the greatest, most effective form of advertising.

How important is sleep??

Serta believes that everyone is entitled to a good night’s sleep. Research continues to prove that sleep is essential in building your immune system and apart from your body and mind it is also directly linked to all major illness such as diabetes, heart diseases and stroke etc.

The quality of your day depends to the quality of sleep you have.

We take sleep for granted and have forgotten its importance that is essential for our survival.

We have introduced limited quantities of our products from time to time to make our products a lot more accessible.

We are trying to make a difference where we can. We have also teamed up with some of our retailers to offer competitive finance solutions making our world class products more accessible.

Is it safe buying Online?

We have realized that the way of selling a bed has evolved, in the United States, Around 45% of beds are sold online, and we would like to follow that trend.